12:09 p.m. @ Monday, June 7, 2004
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I bet you're wondering where I've gone! Well, my computer at home died, so I have to use the school computer, which doesn't happen very often. Also, starting June 14th, I'll be staying in China for one or two or three months or so. :D:D:D

So. That's all. :D


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05:24 p.m. @ Wednesday, May 12, 2004
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Hmm... Not only has Dee Bradley Baker done Numbuh 4's voice, but he's also done the voice of Daffy Duck, the Tasmanian Devil, and Wakka, Kingdom Hearts version.

I find that amusing, though now I can't sit through any Duck Dodgers episodes without imagining Duck Dodgers in an orange hoodie...

+: For Codename: Kids Next Door, each episode has the name of an Operation, all of which stand for something, i.e. "A.R.C.T.I.C." stands for "Am Really Cold That Is Certain", and the longest operative name has been two words with a hyphen between them.

Chibi Wusai (5:36:42 PM): Hi, is this LeaD?
Hiijinxx*** (5:36:49 PM): yes!
Chibi Wusai (5:37:13 PM): I just wanted to say something about O: SaCT. I didn't read it, but I read the summary...
Hiijinxx*** (5:37:23 PM): errr.... ok?
Hiijinxx*** (5:37:43 PM): Wait about what?
Chibi Wusai (5:37:47 PM): Operation names aren't supposed to be a huge--
Chibi Wusai (5:37:52 PM): Operation: Separate and Come Together.
Hiijinxx*** (5:37:53 PM): ooooh
Chibi Wusai (5:38:03 PM): --chunks of text describing what the whole thing's about...
Hiijinxx*** (5:38:03 PM): I know... it's just me doin my thing
Chibi Wusai (5:38:16 PM): I know, but if you're going to make them all operations, then they have to stand for something, you know?
Hiijinxx*** (5:38:25 PM): They'r enot operations
Chibi Wusai (5:38:40 PM): Then why are they Operation: Friends-4-Evuh or whatever?
Hiijinxx*** (5:38:50 PM): I'm not sure if you caught on but instead of it being an operation it replaces the boring 'Chapter 1'
Chibi Wusai (5:39:05 PM): I did catch on, but I still want to make a suggestion.
Hiijinxx*** (5:39:15 PM): oh?
Chibi Wusai (5:39:20 PM): Since they're not operations, it makes no sense to title it with "Operation: blah blah blah."
Chibi Wusai (5:39:31 PM): Unless, as I said earlier, they stand for something logical.
Hiijinxx*** (5:39:43 PM): Technically.... it's not supposed to... ^_^;;;
Chibi Wusai (5:40:00 PM): Then... technically... they're not operations. o_o
Hiijinxx*** (5:40:13 PM): I ALREADY SAID THAT!!!! @_@
Hiijinxx*** (5:40:38 PM): IT's just me keeping part of the KND thing with the fic instead of losing it completely in the plot
Chibi Wusai (5:40:40 PM): I know, but either this conversation is circular or I'm not making sense or you're not making sense.
Chibi Wusai (5:40:49 PM): If they're 13 they're not KND anymore.
Hiijinxx*** (5:40:53 PM): You're not understanding my logic is all
Hiijinxx*** (5:41:06 PM): oi... you need to just read the story seriously
Chibi Wusai (5:41:18 PM): No, seriously, when I can detect problems int he summary, there's a problem with the fic.
Hiijinxx*** (5:41:23 PM): you're missing out on a lot of my crazy antics and uselessness for anything
Hiijinxx*** (5:41:38 PM): Well then just don't read the fic
Chibi Wusai (5:41:41 PM): Besides--"They leave to become teenagers"--When you're thirteen, you are a teenager.
Chibi Wusai (5:41:43 PM): I'm trying to help.
Hiijinxx*** (5:41:51 PM): I'm serious ok
Chibi Wusai (5:41:55 PM): I am too.
Hiijinxx*** (5:41:57 PM): Listen.. i have my own way of thinking
Chibi Wusai (5:42:01 PM): I do too.
Hiijinxx*** (5:42:34 PM): And obviously our ways are not mixing well cuz while you're trying help me "fix" The problem i see no problem
Chibi Wusai (5:42:40 PM): Exactly.
Hiijinxx*** (5:43:05 PM): In your eyes there is a problem to me there is not because i think in my mind something different from you
Chibi Wusai (5:43:20 PM): Let's think back to the toddler years.
Hiijinxx*** (5:43:27 PM): Because you judge merely by the summary says a lot to me
Chibi Wusai (5:43:35 PM): You--and I, as well--thought it was perfectly okay to color on the walls.
Chibi Wusai (5:43:45 PM): You, and I, probably thought it was perfectly okay to wet our daipers.
Chibi Wusai (5:43:49 PM): However, this is not the case.
Chibi Wusai (5:44:05 PM): Since someone who knew it was a problem pointed it out, we've changed.
Chibi Wusai (5:44:13 PM): We don't draw on the walls. We don't wet our pants.
Chibi Wusai (5:44:15 PM): Thus is the way of life.
Chibi Wusai (5:44:22 PM): So, if you'd like to improve, calm down, try to listen to me.
Hiijinxx*** (5:44:43 PM): actually in all technicality if there is a problem with you wetting your pants and such it is a psychological problem
Hiijinxx*** (5:44:54 PM): Because a toddler should have matured enough to know the difference of such
Hiijinxx*** (5:45:09 PM): not because someone corrected us because we were taught something new and caught
Chibi Wusai (5:45:12 PM): Assume no one told the toddler that.
Hiijinxx*** (5:45:17 PM): You see
Hiijinxx*** (5:45:23 PM): You're not getting my point now
Chibi Wusai (5:45:32 PM): Okay. Tell me your point and I'll tell you mine.
Hiijinxx*** (5:45:38 PM): Should i see a problem perhaps i'll see it elsewhere during my learning and correct it myself
Hiijinxx*** (5:45:51 PM): but i dont' see a problem right now
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:03 PM): and honestly you're the only one to complain and like i siad
Chibi Wusai (5:46:19 PM): This is part of your learning.
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:26 PM): yes, but me
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:30 PM): I dont listen well
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:34 PM): Just me personally
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:44 PM): especially when someone is trying to change me when i don't wnat to
Chibi Wusai (5:46:46 PM): I'm not saying anything about you.
Chibi Wusai (5:46:50 PM): I'm not changing you.
Chibi Wusai (5:46:55 PM): I'm talking about your fic.
Hiijinxx*** (5:46:58 PM): but you're trying to change the way i've done my fic
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:04 PM): to me
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:09 PM): My stories are my creation
Chibi Wusai (5:47:12 PM): I know.
Chibi Wusai (5:47:15 PM): "I wrote this for FUN!"
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:16 PM): They mean a lot to me in that sense
Chibi Wusai (5:47:25 PM): "Since it's MY baby and I wrote it for FUN, I don't have to listen to you!"
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:26 PM): not just for fun
Chibi Wusai (5:47:29 PM): Thus is your thinking?
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:33 PM): hell if no one reviewed i'd still be writing it
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:42 PM): it's not for fun
Hiijinxx*** (5:47:49 PM): writing is my only way of expressing me
Chibi Wusai (5:47:52 PM): Okay.
Chibi Wusai (5:47:58 PM): But, since you've posted it on the internet...
Chibi Wusai (5:48:02 PM): You're expecting feedback.
Chibi Wusai (5:48:10 PM): Even if it's not obvious that you are, you are.
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:11 PM): not true
Chibi Wusai (5:48:17 PM): If that's not true, why post it?
Chibi Wusai (5:48:23 PM): Why take your time to post it on the internet?
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:29 PM): i've done so many fics that have gotten GREAT feedback and still abandoned them
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:35 PM): It's just me sharing me
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:37 PM): Like i said
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:39 PM): you don't know me
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:43 PM): And because you don't know me
Chibi Wusai (5:48:43 PM): I know.
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:45 PM): u assume things
Chibi Wusai (5:48:51 PM): If I knew you, I'd be a friend or a family member.
Chibi Wusai (5:48:53 PM): Which I'm not.
Hiijinxx*** (5:48:57 PM): Yeah
Chibi Wusai (5:49:04 PM): So I'm not trying to know you.
Chibi Wusai (5:49:08 PM): I'm trying to help with your fic.
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:08 PM): but assuming can lead to misunderstandings and everything else
Chibi Wusai (5:49:14 PM): If it makes you feel better, I'll go read the fic now.
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:16 PM): So right now you have been telling me to change myself
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:20 PM): you don't have to
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:22 PM): Trust me
Chibi Wusai (5:49:29 PM): So I can do everything based off your summary.
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:30 PM): i could care less if anypoen read it or not
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:35 PM): you can
Chibi Wusai (5:49:35 PM): Even if your summary is ten billion years old.
Chibi Wusai (5:49:41 PM): And even if you hate it and it doesn't express the fic.
Chibi Wusai (5:49:47 PM): I can assume things from the summary.
Hiijinxx*** (5:49:47 PM): but just don't tell me to change just cuz you feel it's your personal duty to
Chibi Wusai (5:50:00 PM): I won't say that I don't feel an obligation.
Hiijinxx*** (5:50:08 PM): good!
Chibi Wusai (5:50:15 PM): But it's just the fact that if I help you change it, you can get better at it.
Hiijinxx*** (5:50:24 PM): Then i guess we're done talking cuz obviously we're still not meeting in the middle
Hiijinxx*** (5:50:30 PM): bye bye
Chibi Wusai (5:50:33 PM): Not yet. @@

Previous message was not received by
Hiijinxx*** because of error (5:50:33 PM): User Hiijinxx*** is not available.

The fic. I don't see why I censored her screenname, though, because I found it at her profile, so...

Who's at fault here? If it's me, please back it up with reasons so I can see what I did wrong and correct it next time.


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05:29 p.m. @ Saturday, May 8, 2004
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You know you're obsessed with Numbuh 4 to an unhealthy extent when you make an AIM Expression of him and sign up for ownership of his official fanlisting.

Just one minor thing I don't like about the expression, but other than that... *luff*

+: The first episode of Season 3 of Codename: Kids Next Door is going to air on June 11th, 2004, and it's named Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E. Hmm. Wonder what it's about? :P

+: Awesome site. It only has artwork, but it's pretty damn interesting and good.


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07:22 p.m. @ Thursday, May 6, 2004
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Pitas: Up at Netscape. Down at I.E.


As you can see, I'm really obsessed with Codename: Kids Next Door right now... I watch it two-three times a day. Can't wait 'til the new episodes!

+: I never use it, but look!


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12:04 p.m. @ Friday, April 30, 2004
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Sorry about that funky-ass background; I didn't remove the code from the previous layout, and Pitas had that hard-drive thing going on.


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12:07 p.m. @ Thursday, April 22, 2004
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Gawd, the layout looks horrid on Netscape. xD The spacing's all funky here.

Anyways, at school. Leaving now.


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